The simulation is designed to highlight the inescapability of ethical considerations when developing and deploying technologies. Conscientious scientists must be equipped to engage in ethical reasoning. Each scenario emphasizes the complexity of making ethical decisions. There may be no obvious “right” answer and reasonable people may disagree with one another, however this need not mean that there are no right answers to ethical questions. Working through the simulation and debrief, students will learn that ethics is about justifiability to others using principled reason and begin to appreciate that productive ethical analysis and discussion is a skill, just like technical skills learned in the lab, that can be developed with practice and honed over time.


The classroom package includes instructor guides and all necessary materials to  provide an immersive learning experience in which students grapple with the real-world complexities of ethical decision-making. This simulation is designed for STEM and STEM-adjacent graduate students, but can also be used in senior undergraduate courses.

  • SCi’s Teaching with Simulations Guide (PDF)
  • Classroom Code of Conduct (PDF)
  • Gene Drive Instructor Guide (PDF)
  • Gene Drive Simulation Slide Deck (PDF)
  • Student Handout 1 (PDF)
  • Student Handout 2 (PDF)
  • Student Handout 3 (PDF)

Use this link to download all of the files as a single .zip file.