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At SCi, we pull from many disciplines and collaborate with diverse partners to create learning opportunities for scientists to gain the skills needed to grapple with society’s greatest challenges. By transforming hearts and minds we hope to transform science to be more inclusive and cooperative.


SCi is a design studio for new curricula and fellowships. We follow a flexible lab approach to design, test, and export programs in collaboration with students, science educators, and communities.

IN THE CLASSROOM SCi curriculum uses interactive pedagogy and simulated scenarios to provide theoretical efficiency and practical skills in critical awareness, ethical reasoning, communication, and science policy.
OUT IN THE FIELD At SCi, we believe students need to be able to practice what they learn. Our service-based fellowship programs provide real-world opportunities for students to work alongside and within various communities.
RESEARCH To shape our programs and hold ourselves accountable, we use multidisciplinary research approaches to define best practices.