Governance and Ethics of Biotechnology

Online nanocourse series for Harvard STEM graduate students

The Governance & Ethics of Biotechnology is a 3-module nanocourse series that each center on an emerging biotechnology. STEM graduate students will be exposed to the complexity of ethical decision-making and to the many stakeholders that shape biotechnology design and regulation. Every module combines short pre-recorded lectures, ethical simulations, applied communication activities, and group discussions.

The course is offered entirely online over the span of a week during the Spring Term 2021. Each module combines 1.5-hour live group sessions with some asynchronous individual learning requirements.

Graduate students can obtain credit by completing the courses (either the entire series or in combination with other nanocourses).
Postdocs may register, but will only be granted access to the course as space allows.


SCI Governance & Ethics of Biotechnology Nanocourse Series


  • March 2022: Gene Drives
  • April 2022: Lifespan Extension
  • May 2022: Neural Interventions




Harvard STEM graduate students interested in developing skills in leadership, ethics, and science communication. Also open to postdocs.

Limited seats per course.