Introduction to Science Policy: Communicating Your Values to Policymakers

Nanocourse for Harvard STEM graduate students

The Scientific Citizenship Initiative at HMS (SCI) offers a nanocourse entitled: Introduction to Science Policy: Communicating your values to policymakers for Harvard STEM graduate students and postdocs.

This interactive course will provide an understanding of the relationship between science and policy, the role of values in crafting policy recommendations, and the complex ecosystem in which policy is made. Over the course of two 3-hour sessions, participants will engage in group activities designed to enhance professional skills needed for a variety of careers, including science policy. This hands-on experience culminates in a capstone communications assignment where students will apply the concepts learned throughout the course to develop a policy pitch.

Harvard graduate students are able to bundle multiple nanocourses together to receive course credit. Students who have taken a total of three nanocourses can register for CELLBIO300qc and receive a quarter course equivalent of credit on a pass/fail basis. Six or more nanocourses can be used to satisfy the requirements for the half course CELLBIO399.

Foundations of Science Policy

Gain a basic understanding of how science and policy interact. 


Personal Values and Science Policy

Grapple with the role that values play in crafting science policy.


Science Policy Ecosystem

Learn about institutions involved in the public policy ecosystem (academia, government, industry, non-profit).


Professional Development

Gain practical skills relevant to science policy careers, emphasizing oral communication skills.





In-person nanocourse:
Introduction to Science Policy: Communicating Your Values to Policymakers


  • Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 4 PM – 7 PM ET
  • Thursday, January 12, 2023, 4 PM – 7 PM ET


Warren Alpert 563, Conference Room (Longwood Medical Area)


Harvard STEM graduate students interested in science policy.
Also open to postdocs.


No tuition